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Invest in Your Knee Care

Recovering From Surgery

Many people underestimate how difficult it is to recover from knee surgery. It’s exhausting managing the demands of your rehab while returning to your normal routine and life. RecoverX offers a convenient way to prioritize your knee care at all phases of your recovery so that you can successfully return to full activity. 

Managing Chronic Pain

Osteoarthritis and other forms of chronic knee pain can be debilitating. Injections, oils, braces - Nothing seems to help and the pain keeps getting worse. Constant discomfort doesn’t have to be your reality. With RecoverX you can take relief with you everywhere and be a part of the moments that matter.

Athletic Performance

High-impact sports take a toll on your body, and endurance sports wear you down. It is increasingly important to be proactive about taking care of yourself to continue performing at a high-level. If you have a history of knee injury, or feel like your joints are weakening, RecoverX before and after exercise can help you prepare your body to be at its best. 

Therapy On Your Own Terms

Reclaim your time and freedom with a treatment that accommodates your schedule. You can multitask and receive therapy while doing chores at home, or take it with you on-the-go.

Convenient Knee Care

The old ways of icing are too difficult and inconvenient to rely on consistently. This device takes the mess, leaks, and hassle out of your knee therapy routine once and for all.

Highly Effective Treatment

Not only does the device reach target temperatures in under 60 seconds, but it sustains optimal levels of treatment for the entire duration of the session. This provides you with the highest quality of therapy available.

A New Era of Knee Rehabilitation

  • Rechargeable Battery

    More than one hour of completely portable therapy anywhere and anytime

  • 2 Devices in 1

    Gets cold or hot in under 60 seconds.  No ice, water, or power outlet required

  • Precise Temperatures

    Built-in temperature sensors help regulate and sustain optimal therapy

  • App Controlled

    Customize your therapy experience by selecting the specific temperature and duration of the session 

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